Measurement & improvement

Most intranet and digital workplace teams either don’t measure or don’t know what to measure. This is because they don’t know what they are trying to achieve and so it is impossible to understand the impact of efforts.

Great intranets and digital workplaces improve through cycles of improvement.  They are used to drive adoption, manage change, implement new features, ensure new features are rolled out successfully, drive continuous improvement and more.

An improvement cycle focuses on four looping actions around the goal of what you want to achieve:

  • Track: you need measurements or indicators to understand how things are going
  • Review: you need to look at the data and weigh up how things are going
  • Decide: you need to decide on what you are going to do differently for the next cycle
  • Intervene: you need to act on your decision and make a change, somewhere, anywhere, so that things get better.
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When and why you need improvement cycles

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The best times to use improvement cycles are:

  • In the critical change window just after you've launched something new
  • During business as usual

Without improvement cycles you run a big risk that you won't push through a change successfully. In "business as usual" without improvement cycles teams can lose focus and drift away from what they ought to be achieving. 

Even if your have metrics, you might be reporting just for the sake of it. Measurement without the purpose to improve is a waste of time and a potential trap to avoid.


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Our improvement cycle formulation process

We take you through a process to formulate your first improvement plan while learning how to. This starts with understanding what you are trying to achieve, what your activity is and the impact it has towards your objective.

We’ll help you work out how you can track your impact, with measures or qualitative indicators - not everything valuable is measurable!  

You’ll learn how deploy a useful improvement plan to start moving in the right direction.

This is how:


Our self-guided workbooks walk you through our methodologies step-by-step and come packed with exercises, examples and digital workplace wisdom. more...


Our day-long, on-site workshops will take your team through our methodologies, step-by-step. Guided by friendly experts, you’ll make real progress on your plan. more...

Mentoring & more

Sometimes teams need more support. We’re experienced intranet & digital workplace consultants and we can help with mentoringconsulting and expert reviews.