In our training workshops we use our workbooks to help guide attendees through our methodology. They take you step-by-step in a very practical way and come packed with exercises, frameworks, models, and examples from other leading organisations.

Our workbooks are also perfect for those who aren’t able to make our training sessions and want to work self-guided through our process.

Our workbooks are not yet available for general purchase, but they’re coming soon and will be available for digital download. Get in touch with us if you are interested in getting access to beta copies and giving us feedback.

Example: Strategy and planning

Spark Trajectory’s workbooks have space for you to place your notes and the output from our exercises so they become the starting point for your strategy, governance or improvement plan as you work through each step. They also provide an ongoing reference point for information and inspiration as you develop and execute your plan. You can download as a PDF, get updates when we add examples and exercises, and distribute copies for your immediate team. 

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