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Strategy &

Defining the "what" and the "why" for your intranet and digital workplace is critical whether for publishing or collaboration. You also need the roadmap that will get you from A to B and deliver on your strategy.  more...

Governance & Operation

What are the foundations for your intranet and digital workplace that will help it to be successful and sustainable? The policies, processes, rules and roles around communication and collaboration are key. more...

Measurement & Improvement

Intranets and digital workplaces never stand still. You need to use improvement cycles, metrics and indicators to keep improving and meet the needs of users, drive readership of communications and adoption of collaboration tools. more...

this is how...


Our self-guided workbooks walk you through our methodologies step-by-step and come packed with exercises, examples and digital workplace wisdom. more...


Our day-long, on-site workshops will take your team through our methodologies, step-by-step. Guided by friendly experts, you’ll make real progress on your plan. more...

Mentoring & more

Sometimes teams need more support. We’re experienced intranet & digital workplace consultants and we can help with mentoring, consulting and expert reviews.

this is how much...

All prices shown are exclusive of UK VAT. For workshops we provide printed materials and a trainer and you provide a suitable meeting room and pay reasonable travel expenses. We'll also suggest a maximum number of attendees. We don't play stadiums. We’ll provide you with a standard statement of work so everything is clear. We like to think we are straightforward.

this is why...


It's quicker than learning it for yourself the hard way. Get you and your team up to speed for that big intranet project you are planning.


It’s better to build skills and competencies in your team than rely on vendors and consultants. We’ve got the maps to show you the way.


It’s getting harder to get the budget or the headcount to get someone in full time. We’ve turned industry knowledge into products you can pick up and get stuff done.

and this is what people say…

We continue to get excellent feedback from attendees on our courses. Our current Net Promoter Score score is a very high +86 and we are frequently marked 10 out of 10 in post-workshop feedback surveys. Here are some quotes from those attending in-house workshops and those we’ve run at conferences:

“It was fantastic having Spark Trajectory at BSI to coach my team and help them grow in areas such as intranet and digital workplace governance, operations, strategy and measurement. You hear about it in conferences and you know you have to do it, but sometimes you need that hands-on experience and instruction, and that’s where Chris and Steve deliver.”

Dana Leeson, Head of Digital Workplace, BSI

"Intranet teams usually don't get many opportunities for development and training. While we expected Spark Trajectory's courses to upskill the team, Chris and Steve have raised our expectations way above that. We're now fully equipped to face our challenges around strategy, governance and improvement."

Emma Higginson, Intranet Manager, BSI

"The workshop was really well designed and thought through...it’s one of the best courses I’ve been on in the past few years and I got a lot out of it."

Alison, British Red Cross

"As a brand new intranet manager I've found Spark Trajectory's workshops and talks extremely helpful. Their reflections on the "big picture" combined with hands-on practical advice was just what I needed to wrap my head around both strategy and daily operations. Chris and Stephen share their experience and thoughts in a clear and friendly way. They're clearly passionate about empowering managers and employees to get the most out of their intranet."

Per Arne Kobbevik, Intranet Manager, Norwegian Red Cross


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“Good with examples from companies. Down to earth - great!”

“Very engaging workshop and extremely useful materials and ideas shared.”

"Practical tools and a clear, useful vocabulary to discuss intranet strategy with stakeholders."

“Simply excellent”

"Very inspiring and great with the workbook! Hands-on that I can use in my daily life."

“Very good conversations in the groups”

"Great material and lots of good ideas."

“Brilliant! Love the practical aspect!”

Various workshop attendees