Strategy & planning

A strategy is a just a plan with a clever idea at its heart. Every successful intranet or digital workplace we’ve seen is based on a well thought-out strategy. Whether your strategy guides your next three years or gets you through the next three months, teams need to work out what they’re doing and why. A strategy is formed of three things: 

  • An analysis of your current situation
  • A guiding policy to define your approach for moving forward and,
  • A plan for what you are going to do now

Why you need a strategy?

A strategy helps teams and stakeholders work together towards the same goal in ways that are coordinated, relevant and aligned to successful outcomes for your intranet and digital workplace. A good strategy should ensure your intranet or digital workplace will be a success for your organisation and help your users. 

What happens without strategy?

Without a strategy your intranet and digital workplace runs the risk of ending up somewhere you don’t really want it to be. It may not meet the expectations of your users and your stakeholders and will not deliver the value it should do.  Or it may underperform for years until the new platform you’ve been hoping will solve all your issues finally arrives.

Our strategy process

Our process for formulating strategy follows five logical steps: 

  • Discovery
    The process of finding out what your current situation and demands are
  • Diagnosis
    An analysis of understanding why things are like they are
  • Guiding Policy
    Your clever idea for the future, taking into account the challenges you now understand
  • Direction
    The areas in which you will focus your efforts, both in action and in explaining the potential benefits
  • Tactics
    Choosing, planning and organising actions and initiatives to deliver the strategy


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This is how:


Our self-guided workbooks walk you through our methodologies step-by-step and come packed with exercises, examples and digital workplace wisdom. more...


Our day-long, on-site workshops will take your team through our methodologies, step-by-step. Guided by friendly experts, you’ll make real progress on your plan. more...

Mentoring & more

Sometimes teams need more support. We’re experienced intranet & digital workplace consultants and we can help with mentoringconsulting and expert reviews.