Content strategy

Skill in “Content and communication” domain

Skills related to the ability to create and implement a plan for the onward development of digital content taking into account the strategic environment as well as user and organisational needs.


Proactively manages the demand for content or changes in content strategy formation in response to changes and demands within the organisation. Actively socialises the strategy with identified stakeholders throughout the strategic lifecycle.


Creates, documents and implements a content strategy by carrying out a strategy formation process. Assesses the current state with research or content audits. Diagnoses user and organisational needs in the absence of existing strategy. Documents guiding policy, direction and a strategic plan. Communicates the strategy with identified stakeholders. Uses content strategy to control, mediate and manage demands for content or content spaces from stakeholders.


Attempts to control the value and quality of published content by understanding the intended outcome of content, and the needs of readers. Understands a proposed content strategy and supports the creation and implementation of a strategic plan.

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