IT strategy

Skill in “Technology and IT management” domain

Skills related to the ability to create and implement a plan for the onward development of IT services taking into account the strategic environment as well as user and organisational needs.


Proactively manages the strategic environment to initiate strategy formation as required. Actively socialises strategy with identified stakeholders throughout the strategic lifecycle.


Constructs an overarching or specific technical strategy for a domain by assessing the current state of organisational need together with understanding the IT marketplace and other external factors. Documents guiding policy, direction and a strategic plan. Communicates the strategy with identified stakeholders. Delivers strategy though architectural, procurement and financial means.


Attempts to control the choices of systems, platforms and practices that impacts IT delivery by relating IT strategy to governance or demand processes. Understands a proposed IT strategy and represents the interests of users or stakeholders in the creation of a strategic plan.

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