Stakeholder management

Skill in “Intranet and digital workplace” domain

Skills related to the ability to build trusted relationships with key individuals or groups within the organisation in order to: best represent their views and needs; communicate activity; socialise plans with the intention to influence and engage for the greatest mutual benefit.


Creates a generalised programme of stakeholder engagement that is ready to comment or feedback on plans or ideas when the need arises. Brings stakeholders together and create value and consensus. Proactively manages the stakeholder landscape, taking into account organisational and personnel changes.


Creates a detailed and ongoing plan of identified stakeholders for a specific project or product (using tools such as a RACI matrix).  Engages with stakeholders on planned occasions, including obtaining feedback during socialisation of plans and mitigating concerns or incorporating ideas back into the project.


Identifies key stakeholders and maintains good working relationships with them. Remains available and contactable as a known touch-point and keeps individuals informed of planned changes.

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