Strategic governance

Skill in “Intranet and digital workplace” domain

Skills related to the ability to create, implement and operate a model of governance for controlling the onward development and demands associated with an intranet or wider digital workplace. This model consists of various controlling processes, standards and bodies.


Proactively manages the strategic landscape by implementing governance models with multiple levels of steering bodies appropriate to level and interest, and appropriately initiates the revision and approval of strategy and the resulting projects and initiatives.


Convenes and oversees a body of key stakeholders to guide onward development, make decisions and provide a route for escalations. Actively mediates between the needs of different stakeholders and gains meaningful consensus. Manages future demand by prioritising a plan of changes based on benefit and effort by using a change pipeline process.


Consults a group of key stakeholders about future developments and coordinates decisions and escalations. Brings together the stakeholder group as a discussion forum although this may be informal.

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